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Cox Digital Telephone®

Features, packages and choices geared to your specific requirements
A simple way to choose the calling features you need

We package our most popular and productivity-enhancing features, like Caller ID and Three-Way Calling together in low-cost, easy-to-select packages that fit your needs. Additional a-la-carte features complete the mix to provide the custom-made service matched to you and your business.

Business Solutions Package - 14 most popular features
  • Call Forwarding. When away from the phone, calls can be forwarded to a different number. Employees are available even when they are away from the phone.
  • Three-Way Calling. Call two numbers and conference everyone together.
  • Call Waiting. While on a call, a beep sounds when another party is trying to call. If you need to juggle multiple calls, this is the tool to do it.
  • Speed Calling. Save time by creating up to thirty of your most dialed numbers.
  • Busy Line Redial. If a busy signal sounds, an audio recording asks if the call should be dialed until it is available.  By choosing yes, the phone will ring with a different ring tone when the call is available.  Answering the ring connects the call.
  • Call Transfer. Transfer a phone call to another party and when answered, a three-way conversation can take place.
  • Caller ID. Display the phone number and name of who is calling (name depends on the incoming caller’s name registration with their own service provider). This works on any phone able to display this information.
  • Call Return. Return a call to the last caller who called you. Caller ID identifies the call being returned, making it easy to return without looking up the number. 
  • Selective Call Acceptance. Only the phone numbers you authorize will ring to the phone. This is the ultimate control over incoming calls.
  • Selective Call Forward. Like Call Forwarding, this feature forwards selected numbers.
  • Selective Call Rejection. Reject calls from specific phone numbers. The caller will hear that calls are not being accepted at this time and will be either disconnected or sent to voice mail depending on your voice mail availability and settings.
  • Call Forwarding Busy. Route incoming calls to another number only when the line is busy. Serves employees who have backup call coverage.
  • Call Forwarding No Answer. After 4 rings, calls are routed to a second number for your convenience.
  • Call Forwarding on Call Waiting. Allows call waiting to be enacted for 1 minute and then forwards the call if it goes unanswered.
Business ID Package – 7 productivity features

Our ID package highlights features that most of our customers find indispensable. For additional details on each feature, review our descriptions above.

  • Call Forwarding
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Speed Calling (8 or 30 per phone)
  • Busy Line Redial
  • Call Transfer
  • Caller ID
Business Value Package - 6 essential features

Keep your price at its lowest and retain the features that enable your calling expectations. Description of these features appears above.

  • Call Forwarding
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Speed Calling (8 or 30 per phone)
  • Busy Line Redial
  • Call Transfer
Features you count on being there
  • 900/976 Blocking. If these calls shouldn’t be made from your business, they won’t be. Not by employees, not by visitors, not by anyone.
  • Long-Distance Charge Block. If you don’t want long-distance call charges, block them all with this feature. Only a call to a customer service representative, providing your account security information, can remove the block.
Individual features ready to suit your company

Meet the calling demands unique to your business by selecting from the customizable features available with Cox Digital Telephone. The following features, as well as the features presented above, are all available individually for a monthly charge or per use charge:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection. If the Caller ID display is anonymous, your phone will not ring. The call will roll to voicemail if available or the caller will hear “this number is not accepting calls at this time” and be disconnected.
  • Block Call Return. Protect your identity and prevent return calls. For those you’ve dialed, their (star) *69 service will state that your return call information is unavailable.
  • Call Forwarding Remote Access. Change a phone’s call forwarding status from another location by calling in and selecting this feature’s (star) * code.
  • PerCall Caller ID Blocking. Turns off Caller ID from outbound calls made on a per call basis. Caller ID is a great feature and your privacy is too.
  • Caller ID Blocking All Calls. Removes Caller ID name from being presented, ever. Calls will always appear anonymously to anyone dialed.
  • Call Trace. Allows a Customer to trace calls. In some instances, the trace information may not legally be disclosed to you, but can be blocked by reaching you or your voice mail.
  • Distinctive Ringing. Set up priority phone numbers to sound a distinctive ring. This ensures employees distinguish the calls they care about most.
  • Long Distance Alert. Like Distinctive Ringing, this feature sets a unique ring tone on the phone for incoming long distance calls.
  • Last Number Redial. Allows a station user to redial the last called number by pressing one or two keys rather than dialing the entire number again
  • Priority Ringing. A special ring will announce specific incoming phone numbers.
  • Privacy Control. Avoid anonymous callers.
  • Remote Call Forwarding. Give your business a local presence, regardless of where you’re located.

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