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Irvine Skin Care Company

Irvine, California


“The bottom line is, I’m likely to do business with someone who shows up around here once in awhile to see how things are going – and Cox Business Services does just that.” 
Ron Cummings - Founder and President, AminoGenesis

Help is on the way for Orange County businesses afflicted with system failures, bandwidth issues and costly, confusing telecom bills. Cox Business offers a free analysis to help businesses learn how to solve those problems while spending less for very reliable service.

Here is the story of an Irvine skincare company that recently did just that:

When AminoGenesis founder and president Ron Cummings began selling a new skin product from a cart at Fashion Island six years ago, he had no idea that he would wind up rubbing elbows with Hollywood glitterati and Cox Business technical engineers.

According to Cummings, it all started when he stumbled on an amazing skin care product. Ironically, that discovery was made on a golf course. According to Cummings, AminoGenesis tackles everything from burns to acne to signs of aging. "I was golfing with a Harvard-trained infectious disease doctor who helped develop this new formula for a facial moisturizer, explains Cummings."

After using the product for two months, Cummings’ buddies started to notice a change. He took theformula to a chemist who made modifications necessary to sell the product commercially, and to Hoag Cancer Center to see if it could benefit cancer patients suffering from the side effects of
chemotherapy. The product came through with flying colors and Cummings now supplies the product free of charge to the cancer center.

The Hollywood Connection
In November 2004, AminoGenesis caught the attention of Hollywood soap stars Renee Jones, who portrays Lexie Carver on Days of Our Lives and Kristian Alfonso, who plays Hope Brady on the same program. The two women soon began receiving rave compliments about their skin. Today, both are spokeswomen for AminoGenesis.


The Cox Connection
In the midst of this success, Cummings received an offer from Cox Business consultant Ken Hill to analyze their IT structure. At the time, AminoGenesis used several different vendors for local and long distance telephone and Internet services -- where most of their business happens.

Cummings says he was very impressed with Hill’s knowledge and demonstration of how Amino-Genesis could get a better service at a lower cost. As for the impact of the Cox installation on his business, Cummings chuckles, I noticed no impact – no discernable change in service throughout the installation – which is exactly what I wanted!


People are often wary about making changes to an existing system because they’re afraid of a business disruption or downtime, said Hill. We complete installs with no disruption of service, no interruptions, and in many cases, enhanced services, with a cost savings. Cox Business installed business lines, toll free lines and Internet service, upping their Internet speeds.

Cummings says the Cox team won his business by asking the right questions, and making a proposal that made good dollars and sense. He says the installation was a breeze and he’s happy with the service, saying, "The bottom line is, I’m likely to do business with someone who shows up around here once in awhile to see how things are going ... and Cox Business does just that."

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