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Farm Credit Services of America

Omaha, Nebraska


“We have a strong relationship with Cox Business Services and we see that partnership continuing down the road as we continue to grow and expand our business”
Jim Modde - Chief security officer and director of network and communications, FCSAmerica

Services Provided: Internet Local access to Sprint Frame Relay, Disaster Recovery, Expanded Basic Cable

Moving a company’s national headquarters is no easy task. Farm Credit Services of America, an agricultural loan company based in Omaha, Neb., knew to expect some surprises along the way. But never did it expect to face a major technological challenge. And one upon which the company’s livelihood was dependant.

Every day, FCSAmerica’s 47 retail and regional offices connect to its network to access resources provided by national financial institutions and specialized service organizations. This commitment to its retail offices came into jeopardy when FCSAmerica learned Sonet Ring Service was not available in its new location just west of the city. According to FCSAmerica, the news came after the company had already started building its new headquarters. FCSAmerica had just months to find service before the move-in date.

“Our Sonet Ring Service provider couldn’t provide redundant fiber links to the new location, even after they said they could,” said Jim Modde, chief security officer and director of network and communications for FCSAmerica. “We had no alternative but to look for a solution, and we found that with Cox.”


In one phone call, Modde learned the advantage of Cox’s state-of-the-art broadband network – business-grade broadband Internet services are available to all customers, including FCSAmerica with its new building located 10 miles west of downtown Omaha.

“Cox already had fiber running down the street,” Modde said. “I asked Cox if they could give us a redundant path and they said ‘absolutely.’ So it was a marriage made in heaven.”

Initially, Cox Business was to provide a broadband Internet connection and redundant connectivity to Sprint Frame Relay – services that are imperative to the company’s survival.

“We chose Cox for its superior technology and customer service,” Modde said. “Plus, the local leadership said they were in the position to make decisions locally that could be tailored to our needs. We wouldn’t have to go up the chain if problems arose.”

Modde had the opportunity to experience Cox’s local commitment immediately. Days before FCSAmerica’s move-in date, Modde discovered a common problem – the company needed more bandwidth. In less than 48 hours, Cox installed a 20 Mbps pipe that enabled the company to move into the new building on schedule with no issues.

“Cox Business was able to help us in a timely manner that met our deadlines and exceeded our expectations,” Modde said. “Cox literally saved the day by providing the extra bandwidth we needed.”


Because of Cox Business’ flexibility, technology and quick delivery, FCSAmerica was fully connected when it moved into its new building. Dave Martin, senior vice president and chief information officer for FCSAmerica, said Cox was instrumental in ensuring the company’s continued existence.

"Without that circuit, it would have been nearly impossible to connect to our 47 retail and regional offices," Modde said. FCSAmerica is so pleased with Cox that it added more circuits for remote mobile connectivity, and is planning to add additional services.

“We have a strong relationship with Cox Business and we see that partnership continuing down the road as we continue to grow and expand our business. Based on the excellent customer service that we’ve received, I would highly recommend their services to other entities,” Modde said.

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