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Setting Up Call Acceptance and Rejection

Last Updated: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 > Related Articles


Learn how to configure call acceptance and rejection options in VoiceManager.


The instructions on this page are specific to the new VoiceManager portal. If you have not opted-in to this trial, you may find support for the previous version of VoiceManager at the VoiceManager Learning Center.

Call Acceptance and Rejection provides the ability to receive and reject calls that meet specified
conditions. Rejected calls hear an announcement that the customer cannot be reached at the moment.
Call Acceptance and Rejection is available with the VoiceManager Anywhere package and IP Centrex


Enter your User ID and Password to log in to VoiceManager MyAccount, then click the Sign In button.



Click the VoiceManager Tools menu in the left navigation bar.

VoiceManager Tools menu


Click the Call Settings tab.


Under the Call Acceptance section, click the Call Acceptance and Rejection link.


Click the Add Selective Call Acceptance Rule link.


Enter an explanation for the rule in the Description field.


Select the type of phone number  to apply the rule to in the When Receiving Calls From drop-down menu.


Define how to treat the call by clicking the Accept Call or Do Not Accept Call radio button.


Select when to apply the rule by choosing an option in the During Regular Schedule and During Holiday Schedule drop down menus.


Create separate Acceptance or Rejection rules if both a Regular and Holiday schedule is desired.


Click the Save and Return button.

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