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NT and UNIX Web Hosting

Last Updated: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 > Related Articles


Learn about NT and UNIX web hosting and decide which is right for you.



Cox Business Services provides both NT and UNIX hosting services to our clientele.

NT servers accommodate advanced Microsoft applications. Examples of applications that require an NT server to operate include MS Front-Page 2000, MS Access or MS SQL database applets, Active Server Pages, Visual Basic Scripts and Cold Fusion.

UNIX servers are standard, open source code and are rated the most popular option by most web masters.

Typically most complex Web sites are hosted on UNIX servers because of their reliability and functionality. However, the NT platform is the best option for your Web site if you are not sure which platform to choose. Talk to your web designer before making a selection.

Both platforms come with intuitive Web site management, in the form of a Web-based customer Control Panel. Please note that the operating system of your Web server is not related to the operating system of your personal computer, and that you can pick from both platforms, regardless of what operating system your computer is running:

NT Servers support the following applications:

  • Front Page 2000 Extensions
  • FTP
  • Active Server Pages
  • VB Scripting
  • Server Side Includes
  • MS Index Server for Search Engines
  • MS Access databases
  • MS SQL databases
  • MS Visual InterDev
  • Cold Fusion
  • AWStats Statistical Software
  • Advanced control panel for easy maintenance of server

UNIX servers support the following applications:

  • FTP
  • Shell programming environment:
  • Java development and applications
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • AWStats Statistical Software

Both platforms support:

  • POP3 email
  • Web Control Panel
  • Site Builder Tool
  • CGI Scripting
  • Audio/video streaming
  • SSL Support
  • Shopping Cart
  • Online Catalog


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