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Broadcom Corporation

Orange County, California


“After working with Cox Business, I’d say they deliver a one-stop shop for all the infrastructure and services a business needs.”
Kenneth Venner - Chief Information Officer, Broadcom Corporation

Services Provided: VPN OC-3

Broadcom Corporation is the leading provider of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services. To improve employee productivity, Broadcom wanted to implement a "telework" architecture that would enable its employees to securely log on to Broadcom's internal network from home.


Broadcom wanted the simplicity of working with one provider to deliver a complete solution. So it partnered with Cox Business to create a robust Virtual Private Network (VPN) for corporate headquarters employees. To minimize implementation risk and ongoing support issues, the plan featured a hardware-based VPN network with thin clients or Network Connected Devices (NCDs) powered by Windows Terminal services on top of the IP network.

Once the VPN was established, Cox Business was able to provide additional services to Broadcom, including consolidated billing, 4-hour truck rolls, management of additional VPN users nationwide and a managed OC-3 to Broadcom's San Diego facility.


The program went from a trial with 100 network users to its current size of about 350. Because of the reliability in service, Broadcom has been adding new VPN users each month since the service was implemented. The resulting increases in employee productivity have made Broadcom the leader in bringing products to the semiconductor market.

"As we first considered this project, we saw that Cox Business Services was a very progressive technology provider," said Broadcom CIO Kenneth Venner. "After working with them, I'd say they deliver a one-stop-shop for all the infrastructure and services a business needs."

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