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Serving metro Washington, D.C.


“Because Cox is local, they remember us right away and are familiar with our needs. So we can promise our clients consistent, local support.”
Matthew Berkman - President, Always-OnCall

Services Provided: Cox Business InternetSM, Cox Digital Telephone®

Always-OnCall provides remote (virtually via Internet) and on-site computer and software support. Its clients are small and medium-sized businesses in multiple industries, including financial, retail, restaurant, IT consulting, architecture and medical billing services. They all benefit from Always-OnCall’s e-mail solutions, firewalls, Internet security analysis, equipment and software recovery, virus removal, software upgrades, hardware installation, preventative service and maintenance.

Always-OnCall’s knowledgeable and experienced technicians, competitive pricing and flexible response are among the company’s greatest strengths. But those strengths were being hindered by the inconsistency of its Internet service providers.

In order to provide its customers with the most reliable service response possible, Always-OnCall needed that same reliability and response from its communications partners. Company President Matthew Berkman stated, “This is our critical Number One priority. There had been too many instances where our previous service providers dropped the ball and cost us business.”

With other providers, Matthew and his technicians often had to speak to different representatives every time they called on behalf of clients, for support or updates. Most of those times, the representatives did not have access to prior conversation notes on the issue, which meant repeating the concern over and over again before the situation was resolved. This process was too costly for both Always-OnCall and its clients.

In addition, the company had outgrown its current bandwidth and its service provider could not deliver the required upgrade. With the urgent need to download and transfer files more quickly to and from client locations, Always-OnCall was more than ready for new service.


After researching several IT data and telecom service providers, Matthew realized his positive experience with Cox as a residential user was exactly what he wanted for his business clients. “I was impressed with the professional level of service and follow-through support that Cox provided,” he said. “As an IT company, one of our key competitive objectives is providing our clients with timely, accurate care. I knew from experience that Cox could provide the support to accomplish that.”

After reviewing Always-OnCall’s specific needs as a growing business, we recommended and installed Cox Business Internet 6.0/2.0 mbps with business phone lines, voice mail and custom calling features.


“Cox's teleconferencing ability alone has improved the professionalism and level of communication with our clients,” said Matthew. “Now we are able to provide comprehensive support, and greater efficiency without delay.”

In fact, Always-OnCall was so pleased with Cox's faster download speeds, reliable response and personal customer service that they recommended it to their clients as well.

“We've achieved powerful synergy by having both our own and our clients' Internet and phone services with Cox,” Matthew said. “Because Cox is local, they remember us right away and are familiar with our needs. So we can promise our clients consistent, local support. And we know their service will be running correctly at install. Cox has made our jobs easier and our client relationships much richer.”

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