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Cox Private Line

Features and functions to tailor your package
Bandwidth/speeds available plus a connection that fits

Your particular speed/price needs and destination determine the size of your line. At-your-door symmetrical bandwidths offered depend on your specific physical address and are generally available at these dedicated levels:

  • DS-1 – 1.544 Mbps digital circuit, supporting up to 24 DS-0s
    The most common speed used for voice and data communictaions for small to medium sized locations 
  • DS-3 – 44.736 Mbps digital circuit, supporting up to 28 DS-1s or 672 DS-0s
    Commonly used for medium to larger locations
  • OC-3 – 155.62 Mbps optical circuit, supporting up to 3 DS-3s or 84 DS-1s
    Good for customers with high bandwidth and mixed-media needs
  • OC-12 – 622.08 Mbps optical circuit, supporting up to 4 OC-3s, 12 DS-3s or 336 DS-1s
    Sized right for data center, call center and command connections
  • OC-48 – 2,488 Mbps optical circuit, supporting up to 48 DS-3s or 1,344 DS-1s
    Very high-speed SONET transport service when your transaction volumes demand it
  • OC-192 – 9.6 Gbps optical circuit, supporting up to 192 DS-3s
    Only for the biggest needs - you know who you are.
Technical data

These are available options for your Private Line connection:

  • Channel configurations – Full –lear or channelized configurations are supported
  • Channelizing – Fractional DS-1 (Nx64Kbps) increments are available
  • Customer Interfaces Available – RJ45, BNC, RS232 and FC, SC, ST optical connectors  
From installation to ongoing business support

From the beginning, we cover it all. First we help you figure out your best solution. Then, our experienced and local installation technicians arrive to set you up in no time at all.

Our reliable, self-healing network is backed by a 24/7 network operation center that sees everything - we’re constantly monitoring to keep our system, and yours, operating without interruption. Should a situation arise where you do need us, our business-class technicians bring the skill and experience to solve your issue.

Additional ways to connect

Wireless Access in the office. Add the extra Wireless Internet service to your facilities so that you can stay connected during meetings, and let visitors simply access their presentation information. We're used to being mobile. Let your office be one of those places.

Up and down grading paths

Once you are a customer, you create a partnership with Cox that is ready to scale up to your needs. We're just a quick phone call away and can help you review your current usage, your upgrade needs, the cost evaluation or any additional features you may need for your business to run at its productive best. Rest assured, you're selecting the company that can rise to the occasion of your size needs affordably.

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