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Viewing options that fit your business

We know how important finding the right TV solution is for your business. You want to be informed and know your options. Find the category below that best represents your type of business to learn more about our services and what our customers are saying.

Find your business type . . .
  • Private Offices. For executive suites, insurance companies, government offices or operation centers, TV helps keep employees well-informed and ahead of the competition.

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  • Public Areas. Whether you're a fitness center, dentist office or service waiting room, transform your customers' impressions of your business. Waiting turns into relaxation and time seems to fly when TV holds their interest.

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  • Bars & Restaurants. Atmosphere is everything. From raucous sports enthusiasm to fern bar martinis and closed-captioned ESPN Sports Center, Cox Business TV delivers. With our top-ranking reliability, your only rain delay happens on the baseball diamond or racing track.

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  • Hotels. Go with the wisdom garnered from over 2,000 hotel partners, including 16 of the world's largest, and select Cox Business TV for today's advanced hospitality technology and traditional bulk packages. Our 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry has solved it all and will be there for your hotel.

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