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The Dot Printer

Orange County, California


The Dot Printer turns to Cox Business for cost savings and stellar phone, Internet and colocation services in Orange County.

For The Dot Printer, a $35 million company with corporate headquarters in Irvine, reputation is everything.  The company prides itself on its high-quality lithographic services, offering a wide product line that includes commercial printing, digital services and fulfillment and distribution services. 
Because of the nature of The Dot Printer’s services, customers need constant access to the company’s web site; they need the ability to transmit large files with ease at any time of the day or night. Anything less than that and the company risks losing its standing. "It’s really important that our servers are up and running 24/7; we’ll get orders at 2 am," said Jose Tellez, Chief Information Officer for The Dot Printer. "We need the phones to be operational for us to take orders. If the phones are down, we can’t talk to our clients." 
The company prides itself on its high-quality lithographic services, offering a wide product line that includes commercial printing, digital services and fulfillment and distribution services.  Because of the nature of The Dot Printer’s services, customers need constant access to the company’s Web site; they need the ability to transmit large files with ease at any time of the day or night. Anything less than that and the company risks losing its standing.


Tired of interruptions in service that cost them time and money, The Dot Printer recently switched to Cox Business for their Internet, phone and colocation needs. 
The Dot Printer had provided printing services for Cox for years. Tellez said Cox Business representatives told him they could provide a superior product at a better price. Tellez and others decided to make a switch. 
“Before, the servers used to go down every three months. When we moved over to Cox, those problems were eliminated. Now we don’t go down. And if there is any repair work, they tell me a month before that they are going to do it. They are always looking to find better ways for us to be operational as a business,” Tellez said.
The Dot Printer has five locations and uses Cox’s Metro Ethernet services to connect all of them. The Dot Printer also uses Cox’s colocation service in Rancho Santa Margarita, where businesses can keep their servers offsite in a secure facility. 
Cox’s Metro Ethernet allows businesses, local governments, school systems and other entities to cost-effectively extend high-speed data and voice connectivity to other locations by combining the simplicity of Ethernet with Cox’s reliable optical fiber network. Businesses can securely extend the reach of their metro area networks without the cost and complexity of traditional WAN technologies. And, networks can be scaled as businesses grow and need increased bandwidth. 
Metro Ethernet delivers high-speed connectivity for substantially less than traditional Frame Relay, ATM or dedicated Private Line solutions and eliminates the need for expensive CPE at each location.
The Dot Printer uses Cox’s Optical Internet, the reliable and scalable high-speed Internet service built specifically to meet the complex data demands of growing businesses. Backed by Cox’s fiber-based metropolitan networks and nationwide fiberoptic IP backbone, Cox Optical Internet gives businesses dedicated access to Cox’s network with flexible tiered bandwidth options scalable to GigE speeds.
Highly-trained technicians will install the service to ensure the network is functional and meets expectations. Cox’s dedicated support team is available around the clock.
 “We gave them better service, faster Internet while saving them money,” said Jim Jimenez, Senior Business Consultant for Cox Business and the account executive who works with The Dot Printer.  “We’re just very aggressive when we work with customers. We do everything we can to save them money while upgrading their service to faster bandwidth.”
The Dot Printer keeps their servers out of harm’s way, renting half a rack of space at Cox’s colocation facility.
“Colocation facilities are vitally important to keep businesses up and running,” said Krista Farmer, Marketing Supervisor with Cox Business. “It allows for disaster recovery. Our customers have a secure space that’s monitored 24/7 and with their servers at a second location there’s an added benefit of peace of mind.” 
Cox colocation from Cox Business offers the speed, reliability, scalability and security to fully address and maintains a client’s Internet technology needs so they can leave their staff free to manage their core business. 
The Cox colocation advantage includes high-capacity, high-speed, symmetrical connectivity to multiple Tier 1 national backbones; comprehensive data and equipment protection, featuring redundant on-site routing and power; high-sensitivity environmental controls; a cutting-edge smoke detection and fire suppression system; a state-of-the-art surveillance and security system, and round-the-clock system monitoring and management that includes on-site expertise.
Businesses understand the benefits of having their servers outside their buildings, particularly in the case of a fire, flood or other disaster. 
”Now all their servers are here at our office,” Jimenez said. “We have connectivity between Rancho Santa Margarita and Irvine where they can download or upload information from their servers in a secure environment.” 
The Dot Printer had been working with another company for colocation services. But when that company’s technicians would do maintenance, The Dot Printer’s servers would go down without warning, which was bad for business.
That has not been an issue since the company signed on with Cox Business. 
“Our relationship has been very positive,” Tellez said, adding that Cox Business is always proactive about telling The Dot Printer if there will be a disruption in service for repairs for a few minutes. “They’re the first to communicate when there is a problem,” he said.
Tellez said his employees can remotely take care of any problems with the servers. 
“My employees can do that without having to physically drive there,” he said. “That is a huge reduction in costs for us.”
The myriad layers of protection offered at the Cox colocation is a plus, Tellez said. 
“It’s in a locked, caged area which means secured access. They monitor and track everything that happens in that colocation. That becomes a selling tool, not only at a firewall level and a software level, but also at a physical level,” Tellez said.
Another major benefit is power redundancy. If there is a power outage, Cox has many different ways of getting electricity so the servers can keep running. 
Since switching over to Cox Business, customer complaints have gone away and the company’s Internet, phone and colocation costs have dropped by 25 percent. 
Tellez said the transition to Cox was seamless, even when it came to transitioning more than 50 phone numbers and a few 800 numbers.
“Any time you are switching services, there is going to be a downtime. What happened when we were switching services is we gave Cox a list of numbers we wanted to switch over. The switch was basically instantaneous,” he said. “It was a single line going down one at a time. One line would go down for 30 seconds and the next line would go up. To our clients, we were never down. “


The Dot Printer was at first hesitant to switch from AT&T to Cox Business, Jimenez said. But the business knew how the people at Cox operated, having done printing work for Cox for so many years.
Now, The Dot Printer understands firsthand just how superior Cox’s services are.  “I have seen a big improvement and the way I see that is in the number of complaints,” Tellez said. “I’m the first person to know when the Internet is slow, when calls are being dropped. Those complaints have gone away; that is how I see it’s good quality. What’s great about Cox as well is that as our business grows, we can expand with them.” 
While The Dot Printer and Cox Business always have had a good relationship, it is even stronger now.  “They’re kind of like family to us. We invite them to special events and they do the same for us. Both sides have benefited from the partnership,” Jimenez said. One of the things people like most about working with Cox Business is the customer service. Jimenez said Dot Printer executives know they can always get in touch with him.
“There are lots of benefits to working with Cox as opposed to AT&T and I think they like the personal services and the savings they are getting every month,” he said.

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