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EasyPay FAQs

Last Updated: Fri, 06 May 2011 > Related Articles


Learn how EasyPay makes managing your monthly statement simple.


EasyPay is an automatic billing system that allows you to log in securely to view your bill, set up email bill reminders, pay online, and more. 

What is EasyPay?

EasyPay is an automatic and recurring payment program that allows customers to pay their Cox bill each month automatically using a bank account or credit card.


What's the difference between EasyPay and View/Pay Bill?

While EasyPay is an automatic and recurring payment program, View/Pay Bill is used for one-time payments and is neither automated nor recurring. You must login to pay your bill each time you wish to pay via the View/Pay Bill method.


What are the requirements to sign up for EasyPay?

A valid bank account or credit card.


How can I sign up for EasyPay?

Learn how to sign up for EasyPay by viewing the article on how to Make Recurring Payments Online Through EasyPay.


Where do I find my Cox account number?

You can find your 16 digit Cox account number in the upper right corner of your Cox Bill Statement.



If you have already set up a password, you can also log in to View/Pay Bill to find your account number on the first page after logging in.


How much does EasyPay cost?

EasyPay is a free service.


How can I be sure my Cox bill has been paid through EasyPay?

A record of the transaction will appear on your monthly statement from Cox, as well as on your monthly bank account statement or credit card statement.


What if I have a question about my bill?

For billing questions, you may visit for responses to Frequently Asked Questions, to email us your question, or to find the phone number to speak with a Cox customer care representative.


Can I stop my participation in EasyPay?

Yes. You may stop participating in the EasyPay Program at any time by speaking with a Cox customer care representative.


Can I dispute specific charges on my bill?

Yes. If you feel you have not been charged correctly, simply notify Cox Communications and your bank or credit card company of the items in dispute.


What happens if I change banks or credit card companies?

If you change your bank or your credit card company, you can provide the updated information quickly and efficiently by visiting You simply check the “Renew” box and enter the updated Bank or Credit Card information.


What happens when my credit card expires?

If your credit card is about to expire, you will receive a notice from Cox reminding you to provide the updated card information via

As long as you provide this information prior to the month the card expires, your monthly bill will continue to be paid via EasyPay.


Can I sign up for EasyPay with a debit card?

If your direct debit cards can also be processed as a credit card, then you can use this card to enroll in EasyPay.

If your debit card has a credit card logo on it (example: Visa, MasterCard), it can be processed as a credit card.

What is the monthly email bill reminder?

Three days after the end of your bill cycle, you will receive an email telling you that your online bill has been updated, including a link to log into the site.

How can I sign up for a monthly email bill reminder?

  • Go to and click on View/Pay Bill.
  • Log in (or set up your password if needed).
  • Go to "Your Bill Statement" and select a bill
  • At the bottom of the page, click on "Would you like a monthly reminder when your online bill is updated?," select 'yes'.


What is my bill cycle and where do I find it?

  • Your bill cycle refers to the date your billing period ends each month. This date appears on your bill statement in several places.
  • On the first page of your bill statement, it appears as "Current charges as of."
  • It also appears in each detail section of your bill as "Monthly service from ____to ____."



Will I still receive a paper bill statement?

Yes. If you currently receive a paper bill statement from Cox each month, you will continue to receive one.


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