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Youth and Education

At Cox, education is more than just a commitment - it's a way of life for our employees and our business.

Cox in the Community

Cable in the Classroom

Cox is a founding member of Cable in the Classroom (CIC), the cable industry's education foundation. Its mission is to foster the use of cable content and technology to expand and enhance learning for children and youth nationwide. Since 1989, CIC has worked with the cable industry to provide schools, teachers, and families with access to cable and high-speed Internet, programming, online content, and more. Cable in the Classroom advocates for the visionary, sensible and effective use of media in homes, schools, and communities.  Visit Cable in the Classroom

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Our goal in partnering with school systems and other charitable organizations is to improve and expand technology opportunities to disadvantaged youth. Cox provides local Boys & Girls Clubs of America with free or discounted high-speed Internet and TV service and complimentary advertising time.

Take Charge! Smart Choices for your Digital Home

Take Charge! is a community outreach campaign to empower parents and care givers to manage their children’s access to mass media content. The initiative strives to increase customers’ awareness and use of the parental controls and filtering tools already available on their cable and Internet services.  Cox has joined forces with children’s advocate and TV host John Walsh to educate families nationwide about this vital issue. Providing tools and resources that are easy to understand and implement, Take Charge! helps parents find great educational TV shows and web sites while keeping their families safe from content they find objectionable.  Visit Take Charge!